Contextual Help demo

Check the page source for a demonstration of using the config for adding help items:

Trigger Help via Header Menu Item Click (simulated here)
Open via Drawer

console.log() the Help object
Open Specific Article (Dropped Course)

Open, then add item after 1s (adds 'console/instructor/courseregsettings')
Open, add multiple items after 500ms (adds 'console/instructor/educatorresources', 'console/instructor/validatedinstructor')
Open, remove multiple items after 500ms (removes 'console/instructor/educatorresources', 'console/instructor/validatedinstructor')
Open, then remove all topics.

Open, then sort topics randomly for 5 seconds

Test Accordion Content

Test Signin Content Swap

Remove all topics, setLanguage('fr'), add topics, open drawer

Test Your Content