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This component provides a standard set of UI icons across Pearson applications.

Usage Guidelines

Use Pearson icons with a purpose. Do not use them as decorations or alter their intended use.


  • 18px and 24px icons
  • CSS class
  • Guidelines


Colors v2.0.0

Pearson Icons

Pearson icons are available in two sizes, 18 x 18 and 24 x 24 pixels. You can incorporate them into your design by downloading the Pearson-icons.sketch file, located above.

Web App Development

You do not need to provide SVG or backup PNG, simply note the class name from the icons list or within the Pearson-icons.sketch file. If you wish to modify the icons, follow the guidelines below for colors, naming, and scaling.

Blue and White Icons

The default color is gray. For a blue or white version, simply add -blue or -white suffix to the class name. See Name Guide for more examples.

archive-18 archive-24
ban-18 ban-24
book-18 book-24
calendar-18 calendar-24
camera-18 camera-24
camera-video-18 camera-video-24
capslock-18 capslock-24
check-lg-18 check-lg-24
check-sm-18 check-sm-24
chevron-back-18 chevron-back-24
chevron-next-18 chevron-next-24
point-back-18 point-back-24
point-next-18 point-next-24
clock-18 clock-24
delete-18 delete-24
desktop-18 desktop-24
email-18 email-24
file-18 file-24
font-lg-18 font-lg-24
font-sm-18 font-sm-24
font-setting-18 font-setting-24
person-18 person-24
group-18 group-24
help-fill-18 help-fill-24
help-outline-18 help-outline-24
image-18 image-24
info-fill-18 info-fill-24
info-outline-18 info-outline-24
note-18 note-24
notification-18 notification-24
remove-lg-18 remove-lg-24
remove-sm-18 remove-sm-24
search-lg-18 search-lg-24
search-sm-18 search-sm-24
settings-18 settings-24
tip-18 tip-24
warning-18 warning-24
audio-off-18 audio-off-24
audio-high-18 audio-high-24
audio-low-18 audio-low-24
pause-18 pause-24
play-18 play-24
screen-full-18 screen-full-24
screen-minimize-18 screen-minimize-24
checkbox-off-18 checkbox-off-24
checkbox-on-18 checkbox-on-24
checkbox-tristate-18 checkbox-tristate-24
dropdown-close-18 dropdown-close-24
dropdown-open-18 dropdown-open-24
favorite-off-18 favorite-off-24
favorite-on-18 favorite-on-24
item-add-18 item-add-24
item-remove-18 item-remove-24
lock-close-18 lock-close-24
lock-open-18 lock-open-24
pivot-close-18 pivot-close-24
pivot-open-18 pivot-open-24
radio-button-off-18 radio-button-off-24
radio-button-on-18 radio-button-on-24
show-off-18 show-off-24
show-on-18 show-on-24
view-list-18 view-list-24
view-tile-18 view-tile-24
zoom-in-18 zoom-in-24
zoom-out-18 zoom-out-24

Name Guide

The name describes the intended use, variation, pixel size, and scaling.


Standard Colors:

Status Colors: (optional)

Label Spacing

Use a minimum spacing, 10 pixel, between the icon and label.

Touch Target

You can use Pearson icons as buttons. To ensure accessibility across desktop and mobile devices, a minimum touch target, 44 x 44 pixel, is required for each icon.


You can scale the icons up by 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x. However, scaling them down or any .5x variation, the lines and shapes will become blurry.



Updated icons to use new branding style


  • ADDED: question-circle, caret-right, caret-down, light-bulb-o, and icons for archive action, plus reading, business case, video, and image content types
  • TWEAKED: Icons should now all be displayed in Pitch (#231f20)


Initial release